Cody Wiggins


Cody, a white male with dark hair, wearing glasses, a blue blazer and orange tie, standing on the ice at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

From losing teeth playing street hockey as a kid, to playing on ice from grades K-12, to working for my college's club team, and now entering my third season with the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Communications department; hockey has always been my life. The sport has given so much to me, and I am fortunate to have spent my life learning and growing as a student of the game. With every film breakdown, every penalty kill, every defensive zone coverage variation, I learn something new about the sport I love, and more importantly, I learn what it takes to win.

Hockey is the best and toughest sport in the world. It requires coordination, strength, combined with mental and physical toughness. It's about making a series of split-second decisions under pressure. It's about knowing how to be a good teammate and lifting up those around you in pursuit of common goal. It's also a game of mistakes. The key to success is, are you going to compete hard enough every shift to overcome those mistakes? Are you going to go back out and make a difference in the very next shift? These values are applicable not just to hockey, I have carried them with me in my career pursuits as well. Whether it's in my role as Television Broadcast TOC for the Wings, my work with the Flyers' Hockey Communications department, my work for Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester, or as coach for St. Joe's—hard work, collaboration, and attention to detal serve as the baseline standard of how I approach any task or challenge.

Former Flyers PR Director Zack Hill often says that PR stands for "Patience" and "Respect". These words encapsulate the values I strive to personify in all aspects of my work. Whether it's working with a member of Congress and their constituents; professional athletes, coaches, management, and team staff; or members of the media, I hold strongly that everyone is deserving of respect, patience, and kindness. Any time I’m representing an entity—whether it's the proud Flyers’ logo, the integrity of a National Lacrosse League game, or the legislative record of a member of Congress—I strive to embody a standard of excellence in everything I do. It's a principle that has enabled me to maintain routine membership on the dean's list at St. Joe's while balancing employment with two professional sports teams. It has also resulted in a record of success in every challenge I've encountered.